PMT South

Tyska PMT erbjuder med sitt EVO 2.0 högsta kvalitet och säkerhet för Europas alla väderförhållanden. Smart kabeldragning och innovativa klickkopplingar gör installationerna enkla och tidssnåla.

The PMT EVO 2.0 has lightning current carrying capacity and a proven low-resistance connection. In addition, all framed solar panels can be installed with this mounting system.

Thanks to innovative click connections, one person needs only about 10 minutes to mount a solar panel. This allows our substructures to be installed especially quickly and with only a few steps.

Our mounting system is easy and very safe to assemble. his has been verified by the “general technical approval” of the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute for Construction Technology). As one of the first companies to receive this certification for our aerodynamic flat roof systems, this underscores our technical and qualitative claims.

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