Aerocompact Compact Flat SN

The aerodynamic system offers outstanding structural properties and requires significantly less ballast than other systems on the market.  All base constructions for the CompactFLAT family are saved in our 3D engineering software AeroTOOLThe AEROCOMPACT Customer Center can issue clear and competent project reports based on empirical data.

The CompactFLAT SN is a flexible, rail-based, modular system that can be used for different flat roof applications and offers short-side and long-side clamping. The same components are used for the for the south-facing system CompactFLAT SN10 as for the east/west system CompactFLAT SN10plus.

Innovative mounting methods, such as the longitudinal screw channel, enable the fastest possible installation at the highest level of safety. They also save on additional screw parts. One person, while standing, can pre-assemble the system without modules, thus avoiding downtimes due to delivery bottlenecks, for example. The click clamps help installers mount the rails and modules quickly and eff ortlessly. The system can be planned and simulated conveniently and easily in a few steps using the free 3D online software AeroTOOL.

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