The manufacturing process of AEG solar modules underlies exacting international standards which grant consistency in product quality and looks, and, ultimately, safety to the end customer. Modules undergo exigent stress and endurance tests that are meant to evaluate the bounty of the module design against environmental stressors that could impair the module’s functioning in the field and to ensure mechanical and structural safety. You can find more information on these aspects in the AEG Quality Brochure.

AEG products make solar an essential part of your journey towards a greener and more sustainable future. They are designed to grant you full control over your photovoltaic system and to give you peace of mind. The AEG solar photovoltaic modules, inverters, energy storage systems, and monitoring offer you a holistic solution to make your home and workplace the control center of an intelligent and effortless energy revolution. Empowering you with sustainable energy solutions to reach your daily goals, whilst caring for the planet.

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